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Workshops, presentations, events and other recorded and creative media from the CIDRNetwork and associates

2022 Two-Day Workshop – Centering the Relational in Research for Impact: Expanding our Methodological Tools and Approaches

Across a two-day workshop we collectively created an open and relational space to share and engage in deep thinking and conversations that allowed us to:

  • Locate ourselves with our communities, and in relation to the communities we work alongside
  • Form an understanding of coloniality and epistemic violence
  • Conceptualise localised, place-based, relational and value-driven methods and approaches
  • Consider the ways research can be extractivist or action-oriented
  • Develop strategies for continuity and reciprocity within community-based projects

Through collaborative, creative and sometimes playful investigation we witnessed reflections and personal stories across a range of topics relating to research, community-oriented work, teaching, justice and coloniality/decoloniality. In doing so, we tried to humanise our work and expand our ecologies of knowledge beyond discipline boundaries. During the workshop we developed critical questions about our roles and relationships within and beyond institutions and organisations and pondered ways we might continue to support each other to foster decolonial thinking and imagination.

ICCP2020 Webinar – Critical transnational conversations on structural violence & radical possibilities

This dialogue will focussed on response-ability, solidarities and movements for epistemic justice, asking whose crises and to whom are we accountable? Speakers will examine critical psychologies in the midst of austerity, COVID and racialized state violence, and consider radical possibilities erupting and what these might mean for transformation and redesign of academy, and with whom we engage in research, teaching, organizing and justice work. Speakers are: Paolla Balla, Jesica Fernández, and Michelle Fine.

Tensions at the Edge: Edge effects and Institutional Power

Ignite presentation presented by Victoria University doctoral candidate and CIDRN graduate researcher Rama Agung-Igusti, at the 2019 SCRA Biennial.


Ignite presentation presented by Victoria University doctoral candidate and CIDRN graduate researcher Sam Keast, at the 2019 SCRA Biennial.