The Community, Identity and Displacement Research Network (CIDRN) is a public intellectual space where research activities are encouraged and promoted. This broad network aims to draw together and foster scholarly investigation of new diasporas and changing meanings of displacement and identity. It is an intellectual space where new questions about indigeneity, racism, refugees, sense of place, social inclusion, social justice, transnationalism and xenophobia can be raised, debated and discussed.

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PAPER – “In this country you can’t … have like a full tradition …, it’s a little bit of everything”: Dialogs of identity for 1.5 and second generations in Australia.

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The experiences of 1.5 and second-generation children of immigrants are often conflated with those of first-generation migrants or collapsed as homogenous within the category of generational status. In this article,…

PAPER – The mining state abroad: The Australian state’s role in the Australian mining industry in the Philippines

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Highlights The Australian state intervenes in the Australian mining industry in the Philippines. States engage with commodity chains at various points outside their territory. The ‘home’ state of a mining…

PAPER – Theater: Engaging in Critical Thinking about Social Justice

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"Political art can educate, evoke emotions, expose relationships of unequal power, and remind people that working towards social change involves a lifelong commitment. In a time when the value of…

PROJECT – Connecting Aboriginal women to the country through local healing practices

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Team: Karen Jackson, Paola Balla, Rowena Price, Amy Quayle, and Christopher Sonn Researchers have emphasised the need for programs that facilitate cultural renewal, strengthen cultural identity and support healing rituals through research and…

ARTICLE – Were We Critical Friends? Working with Values in Research

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Conceptualising values in research is one thing, negotiating them through the layers of relationships and constraints of a community organisation and a university is something else. This article highlights some…

BOOK – Places of Privilege

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Places of Privilege: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Identities, Change and Resistance This edited collection, published by Brill,  was developed from a series of thematically linked papers presented at the recent CIDRN/IRN…

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