Chris McConville has published an edited book Hopeful Places. This collection is based on papers originally presented at CIDRN’s conference, Place and Displacement:
Chris McConville (2015) HOPEFUL PLACES: Migration and belonging in an unpredictable era
Chapters include:
* Paula Fernandez Arias — Resettlement as an identity-building process
* Dvir Abramovich — Exiled Citizens: Holocaust remembrance in the first decade of Israeli statehood and the gradual shift in attitudes in the 1980s
* Irene Bouzo — Adaptation after displacement: A case study of the Temple Society Australia
* Gemma Tulud Cruz — Living in the Interstice: An Asian case of Contestations against marginalisation
* Mike Dee — Urban public space and the marginalisation of children and young people
* Johannes Pieters — Recovering from bushfire related housing loss; lessons from Susan’s journey to home
* Vivian Gerrand and Yusuf Sheikh Omar — The Arts as cultural and identity resources for Somali youth in Australia: Nadia Faragaab’s “Kronologies”
* Christopher Sommer — A place apart? The representation of place, identity and displacement in the special exhibition “The Mixing Room” at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa
* Marsha Berry and Catherine Gomes — Pinning poetry to place: making sense of place in the Pilbara
* Brigitte Lewis — If I’m not using rationality to know, then who am I?
* Robert Pascoe and Michael Deery — Representations of culture: research structures for textual, graphic, aural and moving image sources
* Karen Berger — Finding belonging in an uncountry
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