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BOOK – Social Psychology ad Everyday Life (2nd Ed.)

By May 6, 2020July 20th, 2020Books

This ground-breaking and innovative textbook offers a uniquely global approach to the study of social psychology. Inclusive and outward-looking, the authors consciously re-orientate the discipline of social psychology, promoting a collectivist approach. Each chapter begins with an illustrative scenario based on everyday events, from visiting a local health centre to shopping in a supermarket, which challenges readers to confront the issues that arise in today’s diverse, multicultural society.  This textbook also gives a voice to many indigenous psychologies that have been excluded from the mainstream discipline and provides crucial coverage of the colonization experience.

By integrating core social psychology theories and concepts with critical perspectives, Social Psychology and Everyday Life provides a thought-provoking introduction suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of social psychology and community psychology.  It can also be used by students in related subjects such as sociology, criminology and other social sciences.

Authors: Darrin Hodgetts, Ottilie Stolte, Christopher Sonn, Neil Drew, Stuart Carr, Linda Waimarie Nikora

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