This research area incorporates a number of projects that focus on the interconnectedness of race and coloniality and the means of overcoming social injustice. The aftermath of colonial violence, war, dispersion of indigenous peoples and ongoing global migration present some of the contexts in which questions of race, culture and discriminatory practices have been raised and investigated.  More generally, researchers in this area are concerned with problems of identity, displacement and community strengthening in ways that seek to understand the relations between systems and structure of knowledge and governing practices, and to analyse the conditions for changing these relations.

AMKA and African Australians negotiating belonging and Identity: Examining the role of participatory arts practice

Colour Between the Lines: Creating Solidarities Across Communities of Difference

Creating Inclusive Knowledges: Epistemic Justice, Community Arts, Critical Psychologies

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Criminalising Children: Human Sciences and Governing through Freedom

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Investigating and Supporting Global Youth Capacity in Peacebuilding

The Apartheid Archive project

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The Irish in Colonial Australia: Race, Representation and Repression